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Paula Pierce

Paula is a thirty-two year old native of Kentucky who resides with her family in the small town of Mount Vernon. She has always cherished a love for writing, ever since a small age and has been published multiple times within local establishments. Her most recent accomplishment was the completion of her first book, To Mend The Broken, as well as her weekly & uplifting, live videos on her various ministry pages!

Her heart has always drawn out the best from people within life: seeing the glass full & overflowing while noting the silver-lining within every situation. She is exceptionally gifted and talented with her words, as well as her spirit of encouragement towards others! She seeks for God to use her to help mend the broken places within the hearts of humanity while setting people free from the strongholds of their past!

Along with her book, she also speaks upon a variety of platforms including women’s meetings, substance abuse/rehabilitation programs, high school assemblies, youth rallies, etc. and will continue to broaden the stages in which she speaks for the Word of God. If you would like for her to speak at your event, please use one of the contact methods below.

Paula's Books

Unlock Your Inner Warrior

Your heart might be telling you that you are not a warrior; that you are no way close to it.


He has given each of us a strength that has his DNA. This book of teaching, inspiration, and insights will you help unlock the mighty warrior that is inside of you. Let God awaken the warrior and unlock the gifts that He has bestowed upon you. It's time for you to Rise Up and Step Forth into the journey meant for your ordained purpose.

Join Paula Pierce, along with twelve other co-authors, who will lead you through their struggles, pain, and hardship. Find out how their Inner Warrior helped them through the most difficult times.

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