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Lydia Gates

Lydia Gates lives in Lincolnton North Carolina and has a passion for literature and fine arts. In her spare time she plays clarinet and writes poetry.

Recently she was inducted into the Beta Society that represents her ability to be a leader in her school community. In the fall of 2018 Lydia was accepted in UNC-Asheville for the 2019-2020 school year.

Her continued hopes are to lead youth her age through life’s challenges.

To have Lydia come and share her story with your organization reach out to her on Facebook at or email her at

Lydia's Books

Unlock Your Inner Warrior

Your heart might be telling you that you are not a warrior; that you are no way close to it.


He has given each of us a strength that has his DNA. This book of teaching, inspiration, and insights will you help unlock the mighty warrior that is inside of you. Let God awaken the warrior and unlock the gifts that He has bestowed upon you. It's time for you to Rise Up and Step Forth into the journey meant for your ordained purpose.

Join Lydia Gates, along with twelve other co-authors, who will lead you through their struggles, pain, and hardship. Find out how their Inner Warrior helped them through the most difficult times.

Stepping Into Courage

Fears take on many forms. You’ll see them at work in a CEO’s willingness to risk, a woman’s war with allergies, a boy’s lifelong insecurity, a son’s fear of losing his father, a professional’s search for peace, a young girl’s healing from years of abuses, a boy’s exchange of lost for found, a teenage girl’s transformation from unloved to loved through forgiveness, a leader’s peace found in dependency, a soldier’s victory discovered in surrender, a counselor’s change from career to calling,  a cancer carrier’s message of Hope, and a contractor’s can-do choices. In these pages, find what it takes to begin STEPPING INTO COURAGE! Lydia Gates, along with eleven other co-authors, will lead you through their experiences of stepping into courage during difficult times. A truly inspirational read.

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