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Kellie Rutherford
Author - Kellie Rutherford
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Phone: 928-830-0151

Her focus as a REALTOR® has always been, “The best interest of the client is the only interest to be considered.” Daily she strives to provide outstanding service, ensure strong, informative communication for all stakeholders, and collaborate with a strong team that shares her vision and goals–always adding value to others.

These days, this REALTOR®-on-the-rise earns high marks from clients who as a dedicated, thorough, service-oriented, and attentive individual who blends the all-important details involved in the transaction process. One recent sales client commented: (Kellie,) “the best REALTOR® who always goes above and beyond.”

Reflecting about the real estate business, Kellie finds “the relationships developed over the years and helping others” to be the most rewarding element. She adds, “helping people to fulfill their dreams of home ownership and helping them understand the home buying process, and steps along the way, gives me great joy in my business.”

Kellie lives and serves in Prescott, Arizona. Professionally, she keeps abreast of new state laws and practices. Her work ethics continue to bring growth, learning, and a track record of real estate success that impacts others.

Kellie's Books

Faith In Real Estate

“Guard your heart”--the prime real estate of your life--with F-A-I-T-H!

Ever ask yourself: Can I continue at this pace? How do I keep up with the demands of achievement mode? Do I have a choice? Do you tell yourself: Keep up the ‘good face,’ everything is fine, just be a good person, do what is best for others, just work harder because you’ve got this--as you feel like crumbling inside? You are not alone!

Collectively, allow these testimonials to guide your reflections through intentional journaling as you question your motivations, mark your purpose, and grow your faith, be more God-reliant, and find permission to take care of yourselves in the seasons of life.

Join Kellie Rutherford, along with eight other co-authors, who will lead you through their struggles, pain, and hardship. Find out how their faith helped them through the most difficult times.


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