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Karen White
Author - Karen White
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Phone: 850-276-4504 

Karen White is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker.  As a “DREAM Locksmith” she helps people discover or rediscover their God-given dream, and become their “best self.”

Helping others discover their gifts and talents and create a life where people life into their purpose is Karen’s passion! Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once noted that at the end of our lives we won’t be asked why we didn’t accomplish certain things, but we will have to answer the question: “Why didn’t you become you?  Why didn’t you become all that you are?”  Karen wants to help others respond to that question with a resounding, “I DID!” 

Karen has served with the US Air Force as both an active duty officer and civil service attorney for nearly 30 years. She began writing in 2015 because she aims to live by George Eliot’s quote, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been!”

Karen's Books

Resilience In The Storm

What does Resilience mean to you? When the storms in your life come, how do you react? How do you overcome the obstacle? Karen White, along with eleven other co-authors, will lead you through their experience and how they overcame the storms in their life. A truly inspirational read.

Stepping Into Courage

Fears take on many forms. You’ll see them at work in a CEO’s willingness to risk, a woman’s war with allergies, a boy’s lifelong insecurity, a son’s fear of losing his father, a professional’s search for peace, a young girl’s healing from years of abuses, a boy’s exchange of lost for found, a teenage girl’s transformation from unloved to loved through forgiveness, a leader’s peace found in dependency, a soldier’s victory discovered in surrender, a counselor’s change from career to calling,  a cancer carrier’s message of Hope, and a contractor’s can-do choices. In these pages, find what it takes to begin STEPPING INTO COURAGE! Karen White, along with eleven other co-authors, will lead you through their experiences of stepping into courage during difficult times. A truly inspirational read.

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