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Janea Trapp

Janea Trapp is the owner/founder of a health and wellness company, NuLife Insights Corporation. A company focused on healthy lifestyle building and improving mindset through personal growth and development.

Corporate burnout, leading to a huge professional set back in 2014 was the catalyst necessary for Janea to begin her journey from employee to business owner. Through implementing her own personal growth plan, she became focused and intentional with who and how she spent her time. As a shift in mindset occurred physical health was next on the list. She sought out a program that provided her with education and weekly access to an accountability coach. In January of 2017, Janea purchased an Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic and operates it as part of NuLife Insights.

Janea is also a certified coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team and enjoys speaking with groups about her ever-evolving transformational journey and lessons learned along the way. Janea believes that many of us have something that holds us captive from living the life we desire, but more importantly from living the life God created us for. Whether we are fortunate enough to discover this purpose or “calling” early in life or we stumble upon it in our later years, the journey is always unique and specifi c to that individual. Our lives constantly evolve and the journey only ends with our last breath. The key is to be intentional each and every day.

Janea's Books

Reigniting Hope- Spark The Fire To Grow Hope In Your Life.

Spark The Fire To Grow Hope In Your Life.

Hope, sometimes we feel like we have an abundant bucket of it and the next it can be like a security blanket ripped out from under us.

From moments in searching for hope to moment of holding on to the very last thread, these stories show how to go through the times where hope doesn’t seem to be there to when God shows up to ignite it once again.

Join Janea Trapp, along with fourteen other co-authors, who will lead you through their experiences of struggles and how they found hope.

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