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J. Michael Manley

J. Michael Manley is a Christ-following husband to his wife Vicki and father to his three boys Colin, Grayson, and Pearson. He grew up in a church that had little grace for people. In his search for God’s direction in his life, he has grown in understanding and friendship with Christ.

J. Michael has been a REALTOR® since 2003. The shift of the market in 2008, led him to strengthen his walk with Christ. Since 2008, he has established a mega agent team in the Upstate of SC, started a profitable real estate photography company–Carolina House Shots, and became a coach for other businesses and individuals. These companies are God’s companies, and God allows J. Michael to lead them for now as he guides people to live their Jeremiah 29:11 life.

J. Michael's Books

Faith In Real Estate

“Guard your heart”--the prime real estate of your life--with F-A-I-T-H!

Ever ask yourself: Can I continue at this pace? How do I keep up with the demands of achievement mode? Do I have a choice? Do you tell yourself: Keep up the ‘good face,’ everything is fine, just be a good person, do what is best for others, just work harder because you’ve got this--as you feel like crumbling inside? You are not alone!

Collectively, allow these testimonials to guide your reflections through intentional journaling as you question your motivations, mark your purpose, and grow your faith, be more God-reliant, and find permission to take care of yourselves in the seasons of life.

Join J. Michael Manley, along with eight other co-authors, who will lead you through their struggles, pain, and hardship. Find out how their faith helped them through the most difficult times.


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