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Gary King
Author - Gary King
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Gary King is a speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur. His back ground is diverse and exhilarating.  Over the last 15 years at global events, Gary passionately developed a profound message and travels globally 6 months each year to share his message with leaders and entrepreneurs, in schools, prisons, and to teen groups. His message is timely and riveting on the subject of Character, Ethics, Integrity and Forgiveness. His message has appeared in articles in Oprah Magazine, O’s Guide to Life, Positive Impact magazine and has had numerous articles published related to, ‘Character is our Bailout.‘

Gary’s life story is filled with amazing accomplishments and honors, and many unthinkable nightmares, yet he ventures forward with a heart and soul of a victor.

Gary’s messages, branded and trademarked as “The Power of Truth” and, “The Happiness Formula” and “The Ultimate Life Makeover”, has dramatically enhanced the lives of thousands of people in many cultures.

Gary is passionate about bringing the United States and the World, back to a foundation of Self Worth, Character and Integrity starting with the public schools, and helping returning veterans rise above the overwhelming challenges of PTSD. He has also created a non-profit foundation to serve those that are without resources and in need of emotional support.

Gary’s most recent book, The Happiness Formula®: The Ultimate Life Makeover ™ has been recently been adapted for a movie.

Visit to take the 21 Day Self Worth Challenge , The 24 Hour Truth Challenge , and The 24 Hour Forgiveness Challenge.

Gary's Books

Resilience In The Storm

What does Resilience mean to you? When the storms in your life come, how do you react? How do you overcome the obstacle? Gary King, along with eleven other co-authors, will lead you through their experience and how they overcame the storms in their life. A truly inspirational read.

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