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Faculty - Tricia Andreassen

Tricia Andreassen has a fire within her heart that started when she was a Youth Camp counselor at a Virginia Church of God Youth Camp; to help you grow in ways, you could never imagine. “My mission is to bring teachings and life strategies to break-through struggles and obstacles that may arise. We all have a purpose and calling for our life and I want as many people as possible to discover what their heart calls them to do.”

Tricia’s unique combination of walking this path allows her to help others fulfill their life dreams. An entrepreneur herself, Tricia bought her first real estate investment property at age 19 and has been active in the real estate industry as well as helping other companies build their brand, message and organization. Her passion for growing leaders led her to be a National Speaker and Trainer for®, the official internet site of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). After seeing a deeper need to help real estate agents and teams develop their business plan, brand, website, and marketing message, she started Pro Step Marketing from the bonus room of her house with her toddler son literally on her hip. She grew Pro Step Marketing into a leading marketing, web development coaching and strategic planning company in the real estate niche; creating strategies and plans for over 50% of the top Realtors® listed in production for the Wall Street Journal. After almost 15 years as CEO, she sold her company.

In 2007 another life shift happened within Tricia’s soul, and she began writing songs. Her heart yearned to help others through life challenges due to her own discoveries within herself. The unlocking of this spiritual and creative heartbeat in her opened her dreams of recording her own CD, singing at a National Conference with over seven thousand in attendance, and writing her first business book which has led to writing for magazines, news organizations, personal development and Fiction. As her journey progresses, she evangelizes the message of persistence, resilience, faith and other life strategies with the spiritual gifts of soul healing work. Her passion is to deliver God’s word and inspiration through writing books, speaking, teaching, singing and songwriting that speak resilience and life transformation.

Over the last 25+ years she has helped thousands of people in their lives and business through her keynote speaking, conferences, preaching, singing and songwriting. One of her companies, Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute supports this mission of helping writers become Authors as well as bringing teaching and training programs in faith, leadership, youth, parenting, business building, marketing, and spiritual growth. All the Authors published are personally interviewed and selected by her with the highest integrity. Tricia’s business and marketing book hit #1 in less than 5 hours and was continually on the best-seller list for 59 weeks. She is also a Certified Speaker and Coach for the John Maxwell Organization to teach leadership, personal growth, and youth development programs as well as a Certified Executive Coach through ACTP credentials for the International Coaching Federation bringing uniquely creative strategies to work with organizations, schools, ministry groups and leaders from all walks of life. In addition to this work she works active as a speaker, songwriter and singer in the Ministry.

To inquire about Tricia speaking at your next event email or visit If you have a story, feel you have a message inside you that you feel could help another, or a desire to be an Author or Speaker please reach out to Tricia today for a confidential conversation. To book Tricia as a speaker for your next event or perhaps lead a retreat for a specific group, a call with Tricia is the first step to assure that she helps you achieve the outcome for success. Not all topics are listed on her website as some are designed custom for her clients and the specific topic of the event. She is also available for sermons and worship singing at your church or faith based conference.

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