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Elizabeth Jane Flores

Elizabeth Flores was born July 31, 1976 and is the second oldest of six children. She was born and raised in Princeton, WV and her family moved to Bristol, TN the last half of her eleventh grade year. She graduated from Tennessee High School in Bristol, TN June of 1995 and then moved to Cleveland, TN to attend Lee University and she traveled with ‘Pioneers for Christ’ and ministered internationally.

She then met her husband, Jonathan Flores, and got married October 13, 1997. They have seven children Jonathan Jr., Joseph, Jacob, Nicole, Elisha, Ariel, and William (Will). She loves being a mom.

Elizabeth has been through many challenges in her life from child abuse, loss of a baby and even surviving Cancer. She has always dreamed of writing books and being a speaker to minister to others to share how she overcame her life original ‘blueprint’.

She has now started to live her dream and has coauthored three books counting and has five of her own books that she is currently working on. She is also a speaker. Her message of hope, perseverance and resilience is one that resonates with people from all walks of life. “I am very excited about my future and the people that will continue to come across my path,” she says. “If I can provide teaching and tools to help one overcome hardships like I have experienced, then God is turning my story into a victory!” She and her family live in Cleveland, TN where she is very active in her church.

Elizabeth's Books

Sisters of Secrets - The Story of Sisters Leading Up to the Turpin Case Arrest

#1 in New Release on Amazon

The Secrets Are Out.

The life story of a Christ-following girl had been written. It was sent to the publisher just a week before the horrific event on January 15, 2018. Her story of surviving abuse, to holding fast to her faith, to be an overcomer was now forever changed. Her older sister, Louise Turpin, had been arrested on child abuse charges including shackling, starving, and torturing her own children.

The case that shocked the world brought a flood of repressed memories to Elizabeth Flores, the sister of Louise Turpin. Her story now had to be infused with the secrets that started to come out. Secrets of a sisterhood. Secrets buried long ago could no longer remain buried.

Endurance - Going The Distance From The Valley To The Mountaintop

You may be feeling it right now as you read this. Overwhelmed and exhausted, you are wondering if you have any more left in you. You feel lost, wondering if you are able to even access that place within you that contains the stamina you need to keep going. Let these stories and devotional thoughts take you through the valley and up to the mountaintop where you can experience the promise of how you can go the distance!

Join Elizabeth Jane Flores, along with fourteen other co-authors, who will lead you through their experiences of struggles and how they endured.

Stepping Into Courage

Fears take on many forms. You’ll see them at work in a CEO’s willingness to risk, a woman’s war with allergies, a boy’s lifelong insecurity, a son’s fear of losing his father, a professional’s search for peace, a young girl’s healing from years of abuses, a boy’s exchange of lost for found, a teenage girl’s transformation from unloved to loved through forgiveness, a leader’s peace found in dependency, a soldier’s victory discovered in surrender, a counselor’s change from career to calling,  a cancer carrier’s message of Hope, and a contractor’s can-do choices. In these pages, find what it takes to begin STEPPING INTO COURAGE! Elizabeth Jane Flores, along with twelve other co-authors, will lead you through their experiences of stepping into courage during difficult times. A truly inspirational read.

Resilience In The Storm

What does Resilience mean to you? When the storms in your life come, how do you react? How do you overcome the obstacle? Elizabeth Jane Flores, along with twelve other co-authors, will lead you through their experience and how they overcame the storms in their life. A truly inspirational read.

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