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B. Jacqueline Jeter

Minister!  Teacher! Scientist! Giver! Encourager! Lover of the Lover of her soul! These are just a few words to describe B. Jacqueline Jeter, aka The Encouragement Ambassador. She is a woman after the heart of God with a passion for God and His people, especially women, to help them to be empowered to realize their full potential, both naturally and spiritually.

Jacqueline uses her platform as a published co-author in the best-selling anthologies, Endurance: Going the Distance From the Valley to the Mountaintop, and Dear Fear, Volume 2 as well as the Visionary of the encouragement blog, Reign Drops, to further her calling of teaching and helping others see that, with God, no matter what they are facing they can walk in triumph. Her motto is Triumph trumps winning....every time, based on the scripture 2 Corinthians 2:14.

In addition to being a consummate pharmaceutical veteran with 20 plus years experience in global drug research and development program management, Jacqueline is a celebrated Independent Certified Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, as well as the Mentoring Program Manager with ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc. Jacqueline is also CEO and Founder of The Ripple Effect Coaching and Leadership Group, whose passion is to empower women of all walks of life and disenfranchised youth to realize their full potential and excel in their life’s passion and purpose.

Jacqueline's Books

Journey To Forgiveness

A journey to true, deep-rooted forgiveness is a hard journey to venture into, leaving many to wonder if they are even willing to go that far. Going much deeper than the simple words of "I forgive" these stories and teachings will show you how to look at forgiveness differently.

Beginning to step forward in forgiveness takes resilience to be willing to start over in some way. It takes courage to consider the actions that are needed to heal as well as a melding of faith, love and hope. Allow these stories to show you how forgiveness can be achieved even when it looks like it can't.

Join B. Jacqueline Jeter, along with nine other co-authors, who will lead you through their life struggles and how they found the strength to forgive those who hurt them.

Endurance - Going The Distance From The Valley To The Mountaintop

You may be feeling it right now as you read this. Overwhelmed and exhausted, you are wondering if you have any more left in you. You feel lost, wondering if you are able to even access that place within you that contains the stamina you need to keep going. Let these stories and devotional thoughts take you through the valley and up to the mountaintop where you can experience the promise of how you can go the distance!

Join B. Jacqueline Jeter, along with thirteen other co-authors, who will lead you through their experiences of struggles and how they endured.

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